How to Help Your Starving-Artist-Friend: Part 4, Prayer

This is part four of a six-part series about supporting your Starving-Artist-Friend. Click for part 1, part 2, and part 3.

This is the hardest post in this series for me to write – not because I know nothing about it – rather the opposite, I know how vital it is and want desperately to convey that importance to you. Yet, I know most of my readers will fall into two camps: those who know, superficially, what I am saying, but struggle to put it into practice, and those who outright will disregard this post. There are a few who know the importance of this next step and practice it daily, but they are too few.

Today’s topic is prayer.

I’m not talking about “Good food, good drink, good God let’s eat” or “Now I lay me down to sleep…” prayers. I want you to really talk with God.

Now, before I go any further, I’m going to address those who don’t believe in God. And I say this in my kindest, most loving, least snarky voice possible. I would love for you to keep reading. But if you are going to be offended, please just stop here and come back next week. If you are going to try to get a debate going in the comments about the existence of God, just stop right there. We aren’t going to take your bait. Your comment will go unanswered. (That is direction for those who are tempted to argue. Trust me, it won’t get anywhere but ugly.) I would encourage you to pray to the God you don’t know and ask Him, if He’s really there, to show Himself to you. Then, when He does, don’t disregard it as coincidence. And, if you have honest questions, I will be thrilled to answer them.

To the rest of you, those who believe in God and know the power of prayer: this post is for you.
But what do you pray for, beyond “Bless my Starving-Artist-Friend”?
Well, first, it’s time to change our wording so we are speaking life. All throughout scripture, when God changed someone’s path, He changed their name. So let’s have a name change. Your friend is no longer a Starving-Artist-Friend, but is now a Budding-Artist-Friend.

Now that we have that settled, let’s talk about prayer. Your Budding-Artist-Friend needs prayer, and lots of it. Here are a few things you can specifically pray for:

  • His relationship with God – Budding-Artist-Friend can only produce Life-inspiring art if they are tapped into the source of all creation: The Creator Himself.
  • Creativity – Maybe a bit redundant with the above (and repetitious, too), but pray that your Budding-Artist-Friend will have the Creator’s Spirit to produce art to His glory.
  • Wisdom – Your Budding-Artist-Friend has dozens of choices to make every day regarding his art and its promotion. And as he grows as an artist, seeing his dream fulfilled, temptations will come: temptations to reach a larger audience by watering down the message, temptations to put his creations above his Creator, temptations to put his art above more important things (people) in his life, and much more. Pray that your Budding-Artist-Friend has the wisdom to stand against these temptations.
  • Perseverance – This is one of the hardest obstacles your Budding-Artist-Friend has to face. And, chances are, he has to face it daily. The ideas don’t want to flow and it would be much easier to crush some candies than to try to solve that one specific problem he knows is in the piece and messing up the whole thing but he just can’t figure out what needs to be different. So pray for focus and perseverance.
  • ??? – Every Budding-Artist-Friend has other things they need prayer for: maybe it’s a personal problem with finances or relationships. Or a dear one is sick. Maybe there’s a specific situation he needs to deal with. Your Budding-Artist-Friend would be greatly blessed if you occasionally asked him, “How can I specifically pray for you this week?” That one question will bless him more than any of the other things you’ve done. So do it regularly (but, as Paul says, don’t forget the former.)

So, go bless a Budding-Artist-Friend.