Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Peter are in heaven. Join me in eavesdropping on their conversation that, as written, probably couldn’t happen, but change a few details, and it happens daily.

Peter Hey, Mary. Do you hear what they’re saying about you down there?
Mary What are they saying?
Peter They’ve decided you were a prostitute.
Mary What! Why? How — Where did you hear that?
Peter Oh, everyone is saying it.
Jesus I don’t remember anything like that about you.
Peter You never remember anything like that about any of your redeemed.
Mary But I wasn’t! I mean, there were the demons. Was I ever glad to be rid of them! (To Jesus) Thank you, again, for that.
Jesus That’s what I do. I live to make people free. Including freedom from what others think of you.
Mary Yeah, well… How did they come up with that?
Peter Well… Some guy was reading in Luke 7 about the sinful woman who anointed Jesus’ feet.
Jesus I remember that. She showed me the best praise she knew. She didn’t care about what they thought.
Mary That was great. I love the way you shut down that Pharisee. But Luke didn’t even record her name. How did they put me in that story?
Peter Well, then he read in John where Mary anointed his feet.
Jesus Oh, I love Mary. She didn’t realize what she was doing. She was just trying to thank me for restoring Lazarus.
Mary She’s amazing. I love her, too. But what’s that got to do with me?
Peter Um.. She’s called Mary.
Mary But that wasn’t me! I’m Magdalene – from Magdala. That was Mary from Bethany, Lazarus’ sister – at least the second one was. Jesus, why did you even give them the scriptures if they’re just going to… I mean, how do you mess that up? They were three years apart and on different ends of the country!
Jesus Oh, they do much worse than that with My Word. You should hear some of the things they say about me – about what I did and didn’t do. What I meant and what I would do in their situation. But others… they study my Word and do their best to understand. They don’t care a lot what others say about them because they know what I say about them. They’re the ones I wrote it for.

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