How to Help Your Starving-Artist-Friend, Part 2: Live Events

This is the second of a series on helping your Starving-Artist-Friend. Click here for part one.

So, you’ve joined all your Starving-Artist-Friend’s social media outlets and are enjoying getting to know your friend’s artist brain. You’re finding lots of wonderful things to comment on and repost. And you’re ready to take the next step. What is that? Your friend will probably tell you.

Your phone bings, indicating someone you are following is twittering. It’s your Starving-Artist-Friend excited that she’s been invited to share at the poetry slam (concert/author night/art display…) downtown. You check your schedule and see you have nothing going on that day so you pencil it in, lightly write the event in bold letters across the calendar, then put sticky notes all over your house so you don’t forget. You wouldn’t miss this time for the world.

A couple weeks before the evening, you create an event on Facebook (or share the one your Starving-Artist-Friend created) and invite all your friends, telling them how great her work is and how amazing the night is going to be.
You know, of course, that fewer than half the people who say they are going to go to an event actually do, so you personally touch base with some other friends and make plans to make a night of it.

You all show up and are amazed at how your Starving-Artist-Friend transforms from a quiet wallflower into a confident beast when sharing her heart. The manager of the establishment is amazed at the crowd your Starving-Artist-Friend drew and the level of her artistry and asks her to come back. You are moved to tears, thinking you thought about missing this evening and are so glad you didn’t.

You walk away wondering how else you can help your Starving-Artist-Friend. Alas, you have to wait until next time to find out. So, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss it. (Edit: Click here to read Part 3 and find out.)

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