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Debut Book from Deborah Gatchel

Our Stories: Tales from the Bible‘s “Extras”

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The Bible is full of interesting characters. We know about David and Moses and Mary. But what about Jocabed and Goliath’s armor bearer?

Combining the Biblical narrative with historical and traditional data and a generous portion of sanctified imagination, Our Stories: Tales from the Bible’s “Extra’s” introduces these supporting characters in a way you’ve never seen them before.

Do you know the man whom Jesus passed by?
What was John the Baptist thinking as he sat in jail?
What propelled the woman with the issue of blood to press through to Jesus?

Meet these people and more.
Maybe as we tell Our Stories,
You will find your story.

In Our Stories: Tales from the Bible‘s “Extras”, fifteen of the Bible’s lesser-known characters will tell you, first-hand, their adventures.

Prepare with Noah’s wife for the coming flood. Strut into battle with Goliath’s armor bearer. Wrestle with your faith with Onesimus. And, as you journey with theses characters, discover yourself and God’s great love for you.

Author, Deborah Gatchel, says she drew from her Bible college training to help set an accurate stage then added inspiration based on her love for a unique perspective to bring the characters in Our Stories to life.

Our Stories is availible in Kindle format from Amazon.com or for your Nook through Barnes and Noble. Paperback copies may be purchased through our eStore.